I am seeking to publish these, along with other in-progress essays, as a separate volume: “Orbiting Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory and Other Mind-Bending Experiences: War, Sex & 9/11.”

Click on the images below to read excerpts or full versions of published essays that have appeared in literary magazines and other publications.

This new collection also includes:  Mirror of the Mind: Internet, Cyberocularity and Digital Otherness; Daguerreotypes and Early Photography; Outsider Art; The Dancing Philosopher on Nietzsche and his heirs; Forgotten Masterpiece: Miss MacIntosh, My Darling about Marguerite Young’s extraordinary surrealist novel; Trans-Sex and the Facticity of Flesh; Talk Radio, Audiophilia & 9/11; Disturbing Beauty: The Prinzhorn Collection at the Drawing Center; Time of Reckoning: The Demise of Electoral Politics and 9/11; Dancing the Digital Body: Movement as Information, and more.


My writings have also appeared in The Paris Review, The Chicago Review, The Antioch Review, /nor (New Ohio Review), Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy, Art & Cinema, Shantih: The Literature of Soho, Hotel Amerika, Rio Grande Review, Movement Research Performance Journal, PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, Semiotext(e), Film Culture, Soho Weekly News, Dance Magazine, File, eddy, Gay and Lesbian Journal Worldwide, Ballet Review, Panache; and in the anthologies Merce Cunningham: Dancing in Space and Time, The Young American Writers, The New American Arts, Text-Sound Texts, Footnotes: Six Choreographers Inscribe the Page, Further Steps: Fifteen Choreographers on Modern Dance, Further Steps 2: Fourteen Choreographers on What’s the R.A.G.E. in Modern Dance, and The New American Cinema.