Now online: "Labyrinth With Voices"

Charles Dennis and I have collaborated on a video that condenses my dance theater solo: now on YouTube:

I started out as an actor before getting hooked on dance. “Labyrinth” features characters and comic impersonations of: Ol’ Grandpa, madcap witty Brit Randy Pincer, Basil Rathbone, Zarathustra, construction worker Buddy, and Tallulah Bankhead preparing for another comeback in “Suddenly, Suddenly Last Summer”!



I’m looking forward to debuting my latest dance, Labyrinth with Voices, produced by The Construction Company at University Settlement House, 184 Eldridge Street, NYC, at 8:00pm on Friday 12/8, and Saturday 12/9.

Labyrinth with Voices is a shape-shifting, gender-bending solo, in which I ventriloquize and impersonate 8 dramatic and ridiculous characters, famous...and infamous!

The program will include choreographer Sally Silvers and video artist Andrew Gurian, and will feature a dance tribute to the late Marjorie Gamso, curated by Carolyn Lord and Linda Seifert.

Reservations and tickets ($15): 212 924-7882. To order online:



“On the Cusp of Superstars—Andy Warhol's Silver Factory as Underground," the second part of my essay/memoir about appearing in the early movies of Warhol, Gregory Markopoulos, and Jonas Mekas, has been published in the recent Spring issue of PAJ: #116 A Journal of Performance and Art (MIT Press). The first part, “Orbiting Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory” was published in the Fall 2014 issue; you can read an excerpt here on my site:

Both parts in full are available from PAJ, here:

Attached is a screenshot from Jonas Mekas’ film Award Presentation to Andy Warhol — I’m seated front left, beside Baby Jane Holzer.

kk mekas warhol film.jpeg

"Communicating With The Spirit World Through Dance" - NY Times, 11.2.15

Over the Halloween weekend, I presented two new dance solos: Secret Border, to an unusual electronic score, and Frances’ Unfinished Dance, a tone poem for a medley of character voices written by the late multimedia dance artist Frances Alenikoff—on a program of dances by Sally Silvers and Sally Gross, presented by The Construction Company, on Friday and Saturday, October 30th, 31st at 8 p.m., and on Sunday, November 1 at 3 p.m. at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street, NYC. The New York Times 11/2 review: