I’m looking forward to debuting my latest dance, Labyrinth with Voices, produced by The Construction Company at University Settlement House, 184 Eldridge Street, NYC, at 8:00pm on Friday 12/8, and Saturday 12/9.

Labyrinth with Voices is a shape-shifting, gender-bending solo, in which I ventriloquize and impersonate 8 dramatic and ridiculous characters, famous...and infamous!

The program will include choreographer Sally Silvers and video artist Andrew Gurian, and will feature a dance tribute to the late Marjorie Gamso, curated by Carolyn Lord and Linda Seifert.

Reservations and tickets ($15): 212 924-7882. To order online:



“On the Cusp of Superstars—Andy Warhol's Silver Factory as Underground," the second part of my essay/memoir about appearing in the early movies of Warhol, Gregory Markopoulos, and Jonas Mekas, has been published in the recent Spring issue of PAJ: #116 A Journal of Performance and Art (MIT Press). The first part, “Orbiting Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory” was published in the Fall 2014 issue; you can read an excerpt here on my site:

Both parts in full are available from PAJ, here:

Attached is a screenshot from Jonas Mekas’ film Award Presentation to Andy Warhol — I’m seated front left, beside Baby Jane Holzer.

kk mekas warhol film.jpeg

"Communicating With The Spirit World Through Dance" - NY Times, 11.2.15

Over the Halloween weekend, I presented two new dance solos: Secret Border, to an unusual electronic score, and Frances’ Unfinished Dance, a tone poem for a medley of character voices written by the late multimedia dance artist Frances Alenikoff—on a program of dances by Sally Silvers and Sally Gross, presented by The Construction Company, on Friday and Saturday, October 30th, 31st at 8 p.m., and on Sunday, November 1 at 3 p.m. at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street, NYC. The New York Times 11/2 review: