My "Glut and Indigence" essay in The Antioch Review, Spring 2019

My wide-ranging essay, “Glut and Indigence (Art, Commerce & The Potlatch),” has just been published in the Spring issue of The Antioch Review (delayed due to a printing snafu). It critiques Christo and Jean-Claude’s 2005 Central Park extravaganza The Gates, once the site of shanty villages, and explores how the excesses and stark contradictions between commerce, art spectacle, enclaves of poverty, the modern media phenomena of Times Square and Hollywood, and the decimation of warfare have uncanny parallels with the potlatch, the intentional squandering of harvest surplus reserves by indigenous tribes and peoples. The Antioch Review is available in libraries, at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, electronically via YSTOR, or via their website: